Bullying Prevention

How To End Bullying!
The Real Key to Preventing Bullying: Empathy Training
Workshop by Compass Counseling and Consulting

Is bullying today “different” than it was before? Are kids today “different” than they were before? There is evidence that bullying behaviors have altered since the beginning of the internet. There are significantly larger numbers of kids today who are experiencing frequent bullying. The media diet of many of our youth has led to larger numbers of kids engaging in harmful behaviors toward their peers with little thought or concern about the consequences.

A hallmark of habitual bullying is lack of empathy and new research indicated that empathy levels among our youth are at an all time low. The emphasis on self expressed by students (and their parents) have lead to a real devaluation of others. Now for the Good News! Empathy is a skill that can be nurtured and developed in students of all ages. There is a direct correlation between building empathy among students and decreasing bullying.

This workshop will:
  • Look at the recent research and information on empathy and bullying among youth.
  • Look at the media influences, especially social media, as it relates to bullying behaviors.
  • Examine what bullying implies in terms of harming, harassing and intimidating peers.
  • Examine how to actively promote and develop empathy among students and adults to create a more accepting, respectful and civil school community.
  • Present classroom guidance lessons and activities that are used to help students develop empathy.

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