PEACE for All Kids and Parent Empowerment Program

based on materials from the Center For Safe Schools and Communities.

Having the ability to teach students and parents skills to be successful in school and in life is the goal of the PEACE Program. Compass Counselors use the following five components in the schools to help deal with many different problems and teach skills students can apply.

Five Components:

* Parent Empowerment: A program component that involves the family in learning and practicing the skills taught in a structured setting.

* Empathy: Teaches students to learn to recognize and identify feelings of self and others as well as how to express feelings in an appropriate manner. This includes emotional intelligence training such as respecting space, reading hidden cues, recognizing facial expressions and other important skills.

*Anger Management: Helps students develop an understanding of anger and teaches strategies for dealing with the emotion in a constructive manner.

*Character Education: Students discuss and debate situations and scenarios based on their developing awareness of the moral and ethical choices we make on a daily basis. There are also generic Character Education lessons based on fourteen Character Traits.

*Essential Social Skills: Through role playing, students receive actual instruction and practice of basic social skills needed for interpersonal relationships and success in academic as well as social situations.

There are many different ways Compass Counseling Counselors and Consultants could work with the schools in sharing and teaching these components. We would welcome working with you to share the PEACE curricula in the schools!

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